Races of Blood Moon

Many of the traditional races of the world have passed away in the cataclysm that engulfed the planes so long ago. Here is a short listing of the various races that adventure in the lands of the Blood Moon. The various denizens of Blood Moon fall into five different categories based on their relationship with the demonic overlords. The Remnant are those who have either accepted the power of the demons or have in some way cooperated with them. Some are tainted with demonic blood, others have just found a way to exist and make a living. The Undying are those tainted by the necromantic energies that now permeate the world. Some have found a way to live within demonic societies, but most have set out for the wastelands or areas controlled by other undead. The Drifters are those remaining races of the past that have been spared because they were not deemed a serious threat or worth extermination. Their smaller statures have often been the cause of their continued survival. They have no set cities and often drift from town to town or among the ruins that remain in the world. The Forsaken were those who were rejected by the demonic overlords at sometime in the past. Some recently joined the ranks of The Forsaken like Minotaurs & Outcasts, while others have been forsaken since the beginning like the Drow and the Gith. The Forgotten are those races that have either been forgotten by the people of the land and their overlords or have remained on the outskirts of civilization so as not to garner attention.


Mongrels – Descendants of the various races that dominated the world before the fall. While mostly human they bears signs of their mixed heritage. Most live in poverty and fear, some make a marginally better life in the larger cities.

Gnolls – The cataclysm unmade many races and cultures, but the gnolls have managed to thrive in the world of the Blood Moon. They make up the bulk of common troops in the armies that roam the world and some have risen high in service to various demonic lords.

Nightlings – These large lizard men desire little more than a life of ease and wealth. While there isn’t much wealth to be had, they have managed to make reasonably comfortable lives in the areas where they serve as merchants and brokers of information. Nightlings were often the very glue that held communities together in the aftermath of the fall.

Asherake – Asherakes are large, winged, tiger like humanoids. They stand about seven feet tall, are cover with thick fur and have wings that spread out in 10 feet in either direction. The foundation of their culture is the principle that the strong dominate the weak. Asherakes are slavers and see most races only in the light of their usefulness for serving them.

Ogrun – Among the many races exterminated during the fall were the giants, only the ogres were spared by the invaders. The Ogrun are descendants of ogres. Smarter and slightly stronger than their ancestors they are often employed in heavy labor or tasked with other dangerous jobs. Many harbor a deep resentment towards their overlords but never let on that they are smarter except among trusted allies.


Graven – Among the numerous undead are the Graven, those who died but did no pass on. Many try to return to their former way of life. Others roam the wilderness seeking the company of other undead. Particular diseases have been know to infect whole communities of graven bestowing them with deadly abilities.

Haunts – Some die and return without a body to host them. Haunts are free-willed ghost that are able to possess other creatures or objects. They are still vulnerable to the final crossing if their wills are not strong enough to resist the pull of death.

Deathbonded – Mongrels that serve an undead master are listed among the deathbonded. Their link with life has been served not by a premature death, but by their oath of allegiance to a master.

Eleti – Among the few benign undead that walk the world, the eleti have survived the ruin of the apocalypse and continue to make progress as a race. Often mistaken for being liches has added to the aura of respect that often accompanies the eleti.

Gaunts – Set free by the death of their master, gaunts live with an autonomy that is uncommon among the spectral undead.


Goblins – Genocide and disease wiped out the entire orc population in the days following the cataclysm. Only goblins remain and they have made an art out of hiding and surviving. While not known for their bravery, goblins have made use out of growing technology that is spreading in the land.

Frey – Deemed unworthy of their attention the frey escape the genocide that the demons inflicted upon the major of races. They drift from town to town seeking to avoid too much attention, but harbor a deep hatred for evil and will combat when possible.

Darvoths – Rarely encountered before the cataclysm, darvoths are much more active in the world. The destruction of their mountainous homes have lead to their joining the drifter culture that now exist in much of the world.

Pickers – The pickers where able to survive the cataclysm because of their nomadic culture and their unassuming size. Not deemed a threat and welcomed in many areas as traveling merchants, the pickers look for opportunities to prosper.

Blickish – Fat juicy halflings were on the dinner menu during the collapse of the world. All of them would be extinct if not for the blickish who saved them and mixed their own blood with them. All their descendants consider themselves blickish and possess the power of teleportation.


Minotaurs – Long considered mindless brutes who enforced the will of their masters, the minotaurs were changed by the gift of a god. Thaltain gave them the power to break free should they so chose. Many have rebelled against their master and now determine their own fate.

Outcast – Held in suspicion and rarely welcome, outcast are those demons that have fled their own society. While not trusted, they are a wealth of information regarding the dealing of their former masters.

Trollkin – The cataclysm warped many of the healing magics in the world. In their absence the only real healing left was from trolls. Hunted, butchered and processed into various regeneration items trolls faced extinction. Trollkins are the more diminutive (and smarter) descendants of trolls.

Drow – Once a diverse and divide branch of races, drows are the only elves left. Betrayed by their demonic allies, assaulted by mindflayers and aboleths, the drow fled the underworld and returned to surface life.

Gith – Suffering the same fate as the drow, the gith lost many members of their race due to warfare and natural disaster. So thoroughly decimated, the githzanki & githzeria are no longer separate races.


Lomandrins – Coming into existence during the cataclysm, the Lomandrins strive to honor the memory of the goddess who gave them life.

Gnomes – Hidden for millennium and only recently rediscovered, the gnomes return to the upper world has ushered in a new ear of technology and innovation. However, a few thousand years of isolation in the underworld has made them a bit paranoid and vengeful.

Sendashi – These desert nomads were one of the few races that remained unchanged during the disaster. They remain elusive and reclusive, but have little respect for those who abuse their authority or power.

Changelings – Among the many races that faced genocide, dopplegangers were hunted to extinction. The changelings are their descendants that have managed to remain in hiding because of the mixing of doppleganger and human blood.

Dragonblooded – Many think that dragons have gone from the world, destroyed in the apocalypse and hunted to death by demons. Whispers tell of “dragon-men” who walk their children.

Races of Blood Moon

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