Blood Moon Geography

The following lands and regions are currently known areas of the Blood Moon world.

The Vale of Mordav – The hidden valley where the remaining good races and their sympathizers have gathered to launch their resistance.

Deep City of Agzad – The city of the gnomes where elemental technology found its birth and the inventions that are now becoming common find their origin.

Kajrraahot – The City of Noctornalis and proclaimed capitol of the world.

Demonholds – Various cities and regions ruled by demons who pledge limited obedience to Noctornalis. Most act independently and give only lip service to their overlord.

Maggot Pits – The final resting spot for many souls. In these pits souls are tortured until they evolve into a demon or become food for one.

The Dead Lands – Vast Regions of the world that have been warped by necromantic magics. A few more defined areas have been heard about yet are unexplored. The Cities of the Lich Kings, The Vampire Keeps, The Ghoul Warrens, and the Spectral Desert are just a few areas named in conversations.

Flayer Stockyards – Rumors exist of vast holding pens of mongrels and other races that serve as feeding stock for Mind Flayers.

Aboleth Bogs – Sunken cities and swamps now ruled by aboleths and their minions.

The Dragon Marches – Areas unvisited by most and rumored to be the last areas of dragons in the land. Most believe these areas are haunted by the ghost of dragons and undead dragons.

Elemental Quagmires – Areas where elemental powers have warped the lands. These are very dangerous, but also very rich in elemental resources.

Jinn Citidels – Scattered throughout the land on the borders of elemental quagmires are various jinn citadels. The Jann, who most resembled humans, did not survive the time of cataclysm and bloodshed and are no more. The remaining Dao, Djinn, Efeet and Madrid have established dwellings in more remote areas.

Desecration Tundras – Areas where the gods or titans fell in their battle against the demons. Some say that the lingering powers of the gods and titans still effect these areas.

Neogi Spires – Jutting out of the land like enormous termite mounds are the spire bases of the Neogi. These hateful creatures have no real home, but they wander from area to area selling slaves and other valuables.

Mongrel Gatetowns – These are areas where the resitance has encountered the least amount of demonic presence and often act as lauching points for exploration and rebellion against the demons or other masters. Bleakstone, Bloodkeep Crossing, Chard, Dire Course, Discordia, Festerwald, Gravemoor, Hangman’s Hollow, Killcrest, Shadowmire, Pained and Windless are some of the current gatetowns. Destination portal are known to exist in all of these towns.

Fleshports – Cities where the main business is slavery. Vampires, Mind Flayers, Neogi and demons frequent fleshports to find food and new slaves. Rotting Riel’nne’gap is the most famous fleshport. Smoldering Grimstone, Stinking Vog’lax, Befouling Ratka, Corrupting Morgoss & Bleeding Dankborrow are some of the other known fleshports.

Danger from the skies

While there are dangerous areas in the land no area is completely safe from raids by asherakes, demons, mind flayers, neogi and sky pirates. Only the Vale and the deep city are free from raids by the many hostile races.

Elemental storms also ravage the land and can lay waste to entire areas.

Blood Moon Geography

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